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I just sent an email to 981 companies via Mailchimp. How can I make a note on each company to reflect what I sent? A group note.



  • Katarina Korytarova

    Hi, did you load this companies from pipedrive based on filter you created? If yes, I might have a solution for you.

    1.) Recreate filter in pipedrive

    2.) In the "organization" part of contact, choose to see columns that you need - in this case it´s ID of the organization.

    3.) Export to Excel, Download and open

    4.) In first collumn, You ´ll se exported ID´s of filltered companies. What you want to do now, is in the cell next to the ID write "Organization- Notes " or "Note Content". Now write the note in first collumn and drag it to the bottom so it coppies. Like this:

    5.) Save the file and close excel. Go to your Pipedrive and from the left navigation bar choose "import" and "From a speadsheet"

    6.) Now upload the excel sheet you´ve just created. Step 2 will open. Now you just have the match what we had in the excel sheet so "Organization ID" is "Pipedrive System ID (company)" and notes are "Note content".

    7.) Now just click next, you can leave it on "merge data" (since we chose to see ID, there are no duplicates so you do not have to be affraid to do that. Click start import and watch the magic happen! :)

    If you realized, that you messed something up, you can revert it for 48 hours :)

  • Andrus Purde
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    We at Outfunnel offer a 2-way Pipedrive-Mailchimp integration that can record Mailchimp engagement in Pipedrive automatically. Namely, Outfunnel can create a Note or Activity for email Send, Open, Click, Bounce and Unsubscribe events in Pipedrive. It can also update a Pipedrive field when someone unsubscribes in Mailchimp - all fully automatically.

    Sharing how this looks in Pipedrive (and I hope our good friend @Dan S doesn't mind me using his profile as an example).

  • @Andrus Purde - no problem at all using me as an example!

    @Lisa M White - Outfunnel is a fantastic tool for syncing Mailchimp engagement within Pipedrive (amoung other things). If you need any help, feel free to reach out.