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Hello Guys,

we are trying to integrate piepdrive with our telephony system. in fact our telephony system integrate with all CRMs for both incoming and outgoing calls via means of links provided by the CRM.

usually the link from CRM is formatted as follows$cli&cld=$cld - this means uppon receiving a call pipedrive should be able to receive CLD (called number) & CLI (calling number) from our telephony system.

so what basically happens is when our telephony system receives a call they will query CRM to provide both parameteres CLD and CLI using the link juste mentionned.

this is why we would like for you to provide us with the link that will enable our telephony system to provide those info CLD & CLI so that Pipedrive can register this event in the note of the person/lead.

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    Certainly! To integrate Pipedrive with your telephony system and receive CLD (called number) and CLI (calling number), you can use the following link format for Pipedrive:$cli%20-%20CLD:%20$cld

    Replace api token with your actual Pipedrive API token. This link will create a new activity in Pipedrive with the type "call," subject "Incoming Call," and a note containing the CLI and CLD information.

    Now, when your telephony system receives a call, you can use the link above, substituting the actual values for CLI and CLD. Your telephony system should dynamically replace $cli and $cld with the appropriate values before making the HTTP request to Pipedrive.

    Make sure that your telephony system is configured to make HTTP requests to the Pipedrive API using this link format when a call event occurs. This way, Pipedrive will register the event in the note of the corresponding person/lead.

    If you encounter any issues or need further assistance, feel free to ask!

  • David Gurr (

    The solution from @Rashiron is great, but although it will log the calls as Activities, it won't associate them with a Person object.

    To do that, you'd need some logic to query Pipedrive to search for the relevant Person. The only way of doing that is to add an intermediary step - either something running your own code, or (more practically) a workflow automation system such as Make.

    Your Make scenario would look something like this:

    You'd set up your telephony system to call an URL similar to the following with the appropriate CLI and CLD (you would have your own unique URL for your Webhook):