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  • Set a trigger for 1 hour/day/week/month prior to an activity. For instance, when my mechanic needs all the information about one of my clients before performing an installation, I'd like to remind both him and the client by sending an email one day ahead of the appointment, containing all the necessary information.
  • I aim to include a BCC link as an automated field in the emails I send. I want to integrate my email flow with my mechanic into the clients' activity board. If I could incorporate the BCC link within the automated email system, these emails would automatically appear on my clients' activity board.
  • Certain combinations or even a single label might trigger a specific automation. However, mistakes can happen, leading someone to click a label unintentionally. I wish there were an option to input a 5 or 10-minute delay function before a flow initiates. Currently, there's only a 5/10/30/etc minute delay, but the flow will still be triggered, albeit with a delay. I hope this feature becomes available soon!
  • While creating a quotation, I can insert the product table, but when I attempt to send an automated email, I can't insert the products as fields described by the deal. Only the value of the deal can be added. Why include the products in the summary section but not offer the option for an automated email?
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