Automating SmartData Updates

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Is there a way to create an automation that says, "if a people is added, and the LinkedIn Profile is not empty, but the person email is empty - then create an automation that runs SmartData - and update the email fields based on what the SmartData finds?

We have a lot of people who only have LinkedIn Profiles but not emails. We want to automate the updating? I am trying to update my updates, versus relying on manual updating.

Has anyone seen this or have a recommendation?


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    @MikeJr , after looking into the Pipedrive API, I see no function defined to GET SmartData. For now, you could create a filter that displays.

    Linkedin Profile - Does Exisist

    Email - Does Not Exist

    Then, you could go in and manually initial the Smart Data process.

    What tool are you using to scrape the data from Linkedin? There might be more options there.

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