How to sync only certain Outlook calendars in an account with pipedrive?


We have just bought pipedrive and are in the process of embedding it. We use outlook and each user has multiple calendars within their single account one of which is for personal use. I only want to sync one of my calendars with pipedrive but it is taking them all including my personal diary.

I can see in google you can choose to label a calendar as private so it will just block out the time in pipedrive, but in Outlook there is no way to distinguish between work and private calendars apart from naming them whatever you wish. As far as I can tell anyway.

If there isn't a way of syncing a single calendar from an Outlook account then we will not be able to use the calendar integration feature at all.


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    Hi @Adam Fennelow,

    You should be given the same option to select a specific calendar when syncing with Outlook as well! You can see more in this article on Calendar sync here! You will select the calendar you wish to sync in your calendar sync settings, like this-

    I hope this helps!

  • Adam Fennelow
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    Thanks Sophie - missed that first time round. Appreciate your help!