Request: specific forms should be able to trigger specific email sequence

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While testing the web forms we've encountered an issue limiting our automation workflows. Concretely we want to automate specific email sequences linked to completing specific web forms. For example: download report on landing page --> add as lead --> confirmation email --> invite to set-up meeting email --> reminder if no reply.

Similar yet different email template sequences would be used for different downloads, a subscription to webinar etc etc.

Am I right to think this is not possible with the Pipedrive Web Forms?


  • Axel Depierre
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    Hi @Debron ,

    I would set it up like this :

    In your form include a field that allows you to isolate leads that submitted this form

    Go to automation

    Trigger : lead created

    Condition : Field in question is equal to "value of the form"

    Action : send email

    You will have to create one automation per webform though

    Does that answer you question ?

  • mdturki
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    Hi @Axel Depierre

    I appreciate your help,

    I'm trying to do what you just said and I'm stuck in this part :

    "Condition: Field in question is equal to "value of the form"

    as you can see in my screenshot I have multiple web forms and I want to send specific downloadable material via email to each version of the web form submitted but I can't specify the related web form in condition for automation,

    which results in sending the email to all versions of web forms submitted!

    can you help me with this?