Request: specific forms should be able to trigger specific email sequence

While testing the web forms we've encountered an issue limiting our automation workflows. Concretely we want to automate specific email sequences linked to completing specific web forms. For example: download report on landing page --> add as lead --> confirmation email --> invite to set-up meeting email --> reminder if no reply.

Similar yet different email template sequences would be used for different downloads, a subscription to webinar etc etc.

Am I right to think this is not possible with the Pipedrive Web Forms?


  • Axel Depierre
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    Hi @Debron ,

    I would set it up like this :

    In your form include a field that allows you to isolate leads that submitted this form

    Go to automation

    Trigger : lead created

    Condition : Field in question is equal to "value of the form"

    Action : send email

    You will have to create one automation per webform though

    Does that answer you question ?