– quoting and estimating in deals with bundles & templates right in Pipedrive

Hey Pipedrive Community!

I'm Dmitriy - co-founder of and I'm thrilled to announce that we have our simple, but powerful extension for automating processes of preparing quotes and estimates right in the deals right in the lovely Pipedrive.

We have :

  1. Awesome looking and easy-to-use editor
  2. Bundles of products or services
  3. Templates
  4. Nice looking sharing link thumbnail in Messengers
  5. A little bit of "skin" export and branding settings
  6. Custom fields import in quotes
  7. Automatic calculation of profitability
  8. and more!

Try it right now:

And we are looking for new partners-integrators as well as new clients.

Feel free to connect with me and Scaido:

[email protected]


Export preview:


Quote detail: