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Gabriel Barbosa
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Hi Team,

I've a column in "Deal" tab with the values from each deal that i've created.

As you can see in the picture, Pipedrive sum this values. Can i send this information for a Column in "Organization" tab through an automation ?

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  • Sophie
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    Hi @Gabriel Barbosa,

    I came up with a workflow that may assist with your goal here, I'll add some more details below-

    1. I created an Organization Monetary type custom field in my account named "Organization custom field" (but you can name it whatever you want such as "deal value")
    2. I created an automation that will trigger when the value field of a deal is updated, it will take the value of the deal and then add it to that "Organization custom field." (Screenshot below)
    3. You can then pull up the "Organization custom field" in the organization list view and it will include the deal value!

    One important thing to note here however, is that an organization can technically have more than one deal, meaning that if an organization has more than one deal, and you update the value of one deal, then you update the value of another deal (linked to that same organization) only the last updated deal value will appear in this custom field, it will not add those two deal values together.

    I hope this helps!