Wrong e-mail link - easier way to correct

Andrey Henke
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It is quite common to get an e-mail linked on the wrong deal.

The only way possible to turn the e-mail to the correct deal is going to your income box, searching for the e-mail, and than, on the right side of the screen, link the e-mail to the correct deal.

This takes TOO MUCH TIME.

It would be awesome if you could on the TIMELINE of your deal unlink the e-mails that do not belong to that deal.

It would make your deal much more correct on information on such a faster time.

What you think, Pipedrivers?

Is it possible?


  • Andreia Costa
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    Hey @Andrey Henke!

    Emails shouldn't automatically link to incorrect deals as they follow specific rules to ensure that they are, in fact, linked to the right deals. I think it would be a good idea to investigate what is happening there and try to understand if the rules are being followed or not. Feel free to contact the Support team so they can check that for you!

    Apart from that, this is good feedback! A way to more effectively unlink the emails and then link them (in case emails are not linked to the deals users want). Make sure to add that feedback in the "Ideas and Product Feedback" section so other users can also upvote that. :D

  • Bruce Bignell
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    @Andrey Henke this is a great suggestion - option to update/unlink "LINK TO A DEAL OR LEAD" within the lead/deal/project module

    This is an issue for businesses that have multiple deals open against single individuals or organisations at a time.

  • Andrey Henke
    Andrey Henke Member Posts: 8
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    If you have multiple deals with the same person, or same organization, is quite comom to have problem linking the correct emails to the correct deals.