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I am trying to figure out how to generate a report that will tell me the average number of deals per contact. I am able to see the results very easily when I go to the contacts section of Pipedrive, via the lost deals column but I can't find a way to display it in my insight dashboard.

Looking for a single number similar to the Deal Duration (day average).

Many thanks!


  • Andreia Costa
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    Hi @kateashmor 👋

    If you are looking just for a single number, then it's not currently possible - I suggest you add that idea in the "Ideas and Product Feedback" section so other users can upvote it!

    I'll leave here some other suggestions that might work for you or maybe another member of the community who checks this post!

    If you create a People report and then add the filters you want, you can then measure by the number of won deals OR the number of lost deals OR the number of won deals OR so you can create 3 separate reports that will show you all of the 3 numbers of deals per person (lost, won and open). From there, you can then check the average per person if you also view by "name" - so the name of the person. Then you can also add a segment to check by a particular user or other segments you see fit. To offer a visual guide:

    It might be that viewing by names will be too much (as there might be too many contacts), so maybe other views will work best and you can then export in a list view below. But this is just an idea! Also, a very similar one can be done using a deal performance report:

    Though none of these gives you an average number, it might help!

    Please make sure to pass your suggestion via the mentioned category :)

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    Thank you Andreia for posting this, I do have a similar report to this already, thought that a single number would come handy.