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Just seeking advice. We have documents and files that we receive from clients. These are critical info that needs to be in Pipedrive. We are looking for possible apps/integrations to enhance our workflow efficiency and reduce manual tasks in handling client documents within Pipedrive. Specifically, we aim to automate tasks such as inputting data into Pipedrive, extracting and validating information from received documents, and ensuring accurate allocation and organisation of client data.

For example: When we receive onboarding documents, we want to streamline the process of allocating the document to the corresponding file and automatically extracting relevant data to populate the CRM. Similarly, for documents that contain critical information, the goal is to automate the entry of this data into the system, thereby saving time and minimizing the potential for human errors.

Wondering if someone here had a solution or had the same goal.

Thank you very much.


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    This is a great use-case for a workflow automation solution such as Make.

    There's 1000's of different ways you might want to set up such a process and 100s of different potential data sources, which makes it near-on impossible to build as a native integration. That's why workflow automation is so powerful.

    If your source documents are forms, then you can build a Make scenario easily For example, here's a template that updates a Pipedrive Person record based on a Typeform submission.

    If your source documents are PDFs, tools like can extract data from PDFs. If your source documents are scanned images then it's still possible - tools like Eden AI have a huge range of AI-based methods for extracting data from scanned images. Both of these tools have pre-built connectors in Make.

    I'd suggest posting in the Make Community with a few more details on your source documents and target objects in Pipedrive. There's many Pipedrive experts in the Make Community who'd love to help!

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    On top of that - If your workflow involves converting documents Eg. Converting Word Documents to PDF, tools like ApyHub can easily convert files.