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Hi Pipedrive Team, as happy user i often update my contacts. 

In most cases I and up with more email addresses. The last addition added to the top of the list. That is not allways the emailadress that I prefer to communicate on. To make sure I use the best email adress for my purpose I now manually change the sequence so that Pipedrive uses the correct (first) one when I sent an email to my contact. 

Is there away to make this more simple? 

Now I copy the email adress that is in the first position. Delete it and make a new one on the bottom and paste to change the sequence. I would love a more easy proces like setting a check before or after the email that I want Pipedrive to use or in line with other UI elements just change the sequence.

Hope you can put it on your improvement list, warmly Walter

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    Hi @Walter ! Thank you for your detailed feedback, it really helps us understand your use case.

    Unfortunately at the moment there's not a simpler alternative to the way you're doing it, but we see how it's not ideal. I've made sure your suggestion reaches our team so they can consider it.

    In the meantime, although the system will assume the email address at the top of the list by default, keep in mind that you can still choose which of multiple email addresses you want to choose when sending an email from Pipedrive, see the example in this quick video I made for you.


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