Moving Projects with grouped tasks to another board


As soon as I put one project with grouped tasks in another board, the tasks and acitivities are not grouped anymore. Is there a solution for that?

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  • Sophie
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    Hi @Johannes Rebstock,

    This is expected behavior, when a project is moved from one board to another, the grouped tasks/activities will be moved to the "unassigned" section. The reasoning for this is that a board doesn't necessarily have to have the same phases, and in that case, it would not know which group to assign the tasks to!

    However, you should be able to "group" these activities from the Group tab and when they are grouped here, they will not separate when the board changes-

    An item can be part of a phase and a group at the same time. If it is in the "phase" section it will be unassigned from the phase, If it is in the "group" section, it won't! You can see some more information here as well!

    I hope this helps!

  • Johannes Rebstock
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    Thank you Sophie, that helps!