New: Multiple email signatures 📨

Manuel Oliveira
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Hey Pipedrivers!

We’ve heard your feedback, and this often-requested feature is here: you can now effortlessly create and select multiple email signatures per email account to enhance your efficiency and personalization of emails.

This feature is gradually deploying to all users on the Advanced plan and above, with general availability expected by the end of February 2024.

Learn all about email signatures from our knowledge base article here.


  • Farob
    Farob Member Posts: 1
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    Hey, thats a cool feature!

    But im still missing the option to format and create better signatures (as in outlook for example).

    Also the windows width to edit the current signature is way to small.

    A preview for desktop and mobile would also be nice.

  • Flip Nolen
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    That’s wonderful news, thank you!

  • servertastic
    servertastic Member Posts: 9
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    This is cool and the ability for users to access and manage a central inbox would make this even more of a beneficial feature.

  • FilipB
    FilipB Member Posts: 2
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    I am based in The Netherlands but can't add multiple signatures yet.. How come?

  • Joseph Valenti
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    This is a great feature. I choose to use a "complete" signature in my early correspondence with clients. Now it's possible to switch to a simpler/cleaner version once the client knows us. Thank you!

  • Manuel Oliveira
    Manuel Oliveira Admin Posts: 954 COMMUNITY MANAGER
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    Hi @FilipB , we’re releasing this feature in batches. It’s already live for some regions, and companies based in the Netherlands should have it soon.

  • Alisha Purcell
    Alisha Purcell Member Posts: 14
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    I don't have the feature yet, but I am super excited you released this! Hoping to see it soon!

  • Gorkem Sarptunali
    Gorkem Sarptunali Member Posts: 2
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    This feature surely looks interesting but still you'd have to create different signatures for both pipedrive and outlook. Instead we use a tool called signandgo which lets every user have their own signatures assigned by default wherever you send the email from. None of our sales team has to worry about their signatures sent from pipedrive because it's automatically assigned. If you want to check it out I'll share the link Product - SIGNandGO (felt like an influencer 😅, just trying to help promise 🙏)