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From what I can tell there isn't a direct Crunchbase <> Pipedrive integration?

I've seen Bardeen has created something using the API with triggers. Same with Any recommendations or thoughts?

We're looking for triggers based on a company closing a funding round amongst other things.

Look forward to hearing thoughts. Thanks in advance.


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    To the best of my knowledge, Crunchbase does not have integrations with such platforms as and Zapier.

    I have not researched the possibilities you mention, but if (for whatever reason) they don't quite do the job, two other alternatives come to mind.

    The first is automate the maintenance of some of your data in an external database (think "Google Sheet" or Airtable). Crunchbase may be able access and act on that resource. This is possibly less expensive, but it can be fragile and would have to be used carefully for concern over data corruption.

    The second alternative is a direct custom connection using webhooks / API's. This will involves custom design and coding. It'd require a higher initial investment, but thereafter it will be reliable and easy to update as required.

    Our team does this sort of work all the time. If you have any questions, I'd be happy to steer you in the right direction, or to offer our services to build a solution.

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  • Have a good day @Stocksy

    As I see it is possible to send data on endpoints from Crunchbase. These endpoints can be our service LeadBox. Which can process information and send it to Pipedrive according to various scenarios: with creating new contact / deal or just upgrading an already existing one.

    Will be glad to help you to form an algorithm, how it should work and configure data transfer through LeadBox.