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I'm managing a team of financial consultants and want to make the switch to pipedrive, since our process tracking so far is pretty much non existent on a standardized level.

Currently I'm struggling with creating the right stages for our sales process. Up until the meeting to present the concept to our clients, everything is a simple, linear process, but usually when it comes to putting the concept into action, the linearity ends. For example: Sometimes life insurances come before personal liability insurances, sometimes it's the other way around and other times either isn't subject of the appointment at all or everything can be closed in the same appointment.

At times, something like the application process for health insurance starts at the second appointment but due to delays might take until the fourth one, meanwhile life insurance might be dealt with in a single third appointment.

Additionally, as soon as all matters have been handled for the moment, the client should be contacted every six months to schedule a service appointment to discuss further opportunities.

So far I haven't been able to come up with a viable solution that both uses pipedrive's functionality as intended without restricting the consultants more than is useful (like forcing a specific order in the sales process).

The closest I got was with the following setup:

  1. First appointment booked
  2. Needs defined
  3. Concept designed
  4. First deal closed
  5. All currently possible deals closed

So far, the client would get stuck in the last category for their service appointments but it's the best I could figure out by myself. I'd be really grateful for any advice on this matter! Thanks a lot in advance.



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    Good day @AlexanderHirsch. Have you considered using the Projects feature for this purpose?

    Perhaps you have already considered this option, but if it would be helpful, I'd be happy to explain how it might help you. It wouldn't be "perfect" but it could solve the problem.

    Joseph Valenti


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