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I'm trying to integrate my Pipedrive CRM with the Monday platform, but the integration is very simple. They just have the option when you create or add a lead. I would like to use integrations such as "when you move a deal to another stage", then is added in the Monday Platform.

Do you guys have any suggestion, how to do that, or if I using the API key can help with something? Open to new ideas as well.



  • Joseph Valenti
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    The integration to Monday in the Marketplace is indeed fairly simple.

    If you wish to have other data transmitted, or see different results/behaviours, you can hire a Partner (like us...) to write custom code using the API's for both products. That would certainly provide a very fast and compelling system for your business.

    This type of development is valid, but it can be expensive.

    We often recommend that you begin with an integration platform like, Zapier or Pabbly.

    If you choose to invest the time to do-it-yourself, you can likely achieve the results you seek at lower cost. The responses may be a little slower, and you are committed to a subscription from one of these platforms, but you will also results sooner and at lower cost.

    We have a team of integration experts which can contribute to your success using API's, webhooks or a platform (we prefer but the others also work!). I invite you to contact me if you'd like to discuss your requirements.

    Joseph Valenti

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    While simple and easy to set up, 1:1 direct integrations often don't have the flexibility you might need. They can't cover every single business use-case.

    That's where workflow automation solutions come in.

    You can get started easily yourself with Make - there's a range of free courses at the Make Academy, and a thriving Make Community (like this one!) that includes Make's most active users and service partners, all willing to help.

    Make is free to start with - you get 1,000 operations free per month for up to 2 scenarios.

    Paid help from experts is also available, as @Joseph Valenti mentioned. You can find Make Partners with Pipedrive skills listed on Make's Partner finder.

  • Nagarjoon B
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    Here are some points and suggestions for integrating Pipedrive with the Monday platform :

    1. Explore API Capabilities: Pipedrive offers a robust API that allows for more extensive integrations beyond the standard features provided by default integrations. By leveraging Pipedrive's API, you can access more functionalities such as tracking deal stage changes.
    2. Utilize Webhooks: Pipedrive's API supports webhooks, which can notify external systems, like the Monday platform, when specific events occur in Pipedrive, such as moving a deal to another stage. Cloudify can help set up and manage these webhooks effectively.
    3. Custom Integration Development: If the existing integrations provided by Pipedrive and Monday are not sufficient for your needs, custom integration development might be the solution. Cloudify can assist in designing and implementing custom integration solutions tailored to your specific requirements.
    4. API Key Authentication: Using the API key can indeed be helpful for authenticating requests to Pipedrive's API. Cloudify can ensure secure handling and management of API keys to maintain data integrity and confidentiality.
    5. Automate Workflows: Cloudify can help automate workflows between Pipedrive and the Monday platform, ensuring seamless data transfer and synchronization. This includes automating actions based on triggers such as deal stage changes in Pipedrive.
    6. Consultation and Support: Cloudify offers consultation and support services to guide you through the integration process, from initial planning to deployment and ongoing maintenance. Our Pipedrive integration experts can provide insights and best practices for integrating Pipedrive with the Monday platform efficiently.

    By leveraging Cloudify's expertise and resources, you can enhance your pipedrive integrations to achieve your specific business goals effectively.