Workaround for lack of Google Workspace alias domain support


Hi all,

For those of us setup with Google Workspace alias domains the lack of support is really frustrating - it's basically stopping us moving to Pipedrive. Here's the main thread on that:

I've come up with a really simple workaround though - using the smart BCC option in gmail to automatically BCC all emails so they end up in Pipedrive. To do that you must first setup a forwarding address in gmail and to do that gmail sends an auth code. However in pipedrive you can't read that email without first adding the email to a whitelist (which requires a code going to that email). This creates a catch 22.

Could whitelisting the google no reply email for forwarding be considered? There seems very little risk (as far as I can see) in whitelisting gmail and would allow a host of other use cases as well. More info in this thread:

I tried conveying this to support but they were very dismissive.


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  • Alex_Optimize_Inspire

    Yeah we also did that solution. Then you don't just stick with one system to communicate, you switch between two again. Okay but obviously not smooth 🙂

  • GeorgePalmer
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    @Alex_Optimize_Inspire to confirm how did you work around it? My post above was about a potential way to work around if Pipedrive made a change. The only way currently we could do it is to BCC manually every email which is painful. So any better solutions appreciated!