Error creating a Lead - provided dataset is not valid


Hi, community,

I am pretty much new on Pipedrive, this is my situation and perhaps you can help:

I have my wordpress website with a form developed with Gravity Forms linked to my Pipedrive account using the plugin "Gravity Forms Pipedrive Integration". Currently, the form generates the following entries on Pipedrive:

- Contact

- Organization

- Lead

- Deal

While everything is functioning correctly, a particular custom field (Sector) is causing issues during lead creation. Upon removing this field, the lead creation process proceeds without any problems.


The error message received is as follows:

Description: provided dataset is not valid

Error Info: Custom field validation failed. Error: Not existing optionId for multipleOption field cannot be used. ApiKey: 1f8fd7653dd0658194cb7958aea9546fa6ceccf4


I reached the plugin support and this was their response:

issue is pipedrive dropdown field 

please use valid option ID from pipedrive for each option (see example "1" for  Customer etc)

use "|" for separating value and label [select* your-field-name "Label|value" "Label|value" ]


So my problem is: I can not find the configuration option where I should set this "Label|value" to make it work the form, any ideas about how to see this? In the image below you can find the Custom Fueld configuration screenshot:

I appreciate any help you can provide


  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi @6pmarketing , if I understand your description, you may need to adjust the options on your form so it's correctly linked to the options from your custom field. This likely requires the individual ID codes for each option from the dropdown.

    For example, by using the endpoint GET/v1/personFields/{id} , together with the field's API key, you will see within the payload the ID codes for each option in that field. For more details, please consult the documentation on Pipedrive's API here.

  • 6pmarketing
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    Hi Manuel,

    Thanks for your help, yes, I already solved the problem of adjusting the options on my Gravity Forms plugin with the help of the Pipedrive documentation.

    Best regards