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We're in the process of building an app for Pipedrive, but I was shocked to find out that we could not create an email nor email templates via the API.

  1. We can neither create an email as a draft nor auto-send it.
  2. We also cannot create email templates via the API.

Combine those two and it's obvious that we also can't trigger emails using templates from the API. This puts a major snag in our plan of building something remarkably useful for people who want to automate their sales process.

What is the reason for now allowing us to create an email from the API? Is this on the roadmap?


  • David Gurr (

    I've worked with a lot of CRM systems - and yet to find one that has an email template system that works the way that's best for everyone. Let's face it, there's companies out there that specialize in auto-emailing such as Brevo,, ActiveCampaign, MailChimp etc., and they do it very well.

    The best solution is usually to allow the user to select an emailing solution of their choice and to work with a workflow automation tool like Make so that the customer can build the precise workflow they need every time.

  • jgibbard
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    Thanks for replying David. That doesn't really resolve the situation we're dealing with.

    Since we're building a product that layers on top of Pipedrive, we want to keep the end user in Pipedrive only. Whether it's Make, Zapier, or any other trigger-action no code automation tool, or even running a python script, the end user ultimately wants to work within a single system and doesn't want to setup any workflows for themselves.

    What we're trying to do is use the API -- much like Make does -- in order to trigger an event based on a trigger while inside Pipedrive.

    In our case, that event is the creation of and possibly the sending of an email, ideally using a template that already exists inside Pipedrive.

    As you know, one of the reasons to do this via the API or with a tool like Make or Zapier, as opposed to the native workflow automations, is due to limitations of a system like Pipedrive. For instance, Pipedrive does not allow Products to be merged into an email template so the only way to work with Pipedrive Products is to pull it out via the API and then put it back in.

    This one limitation is stopping us from building a fully automated sales funnel that we know there is a market for.