Set yearly goal of sales by organization and track progress

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I have searched a lot but did not find any feature that seems to match my need.

I would like to :

  • be able to assign a goal of total sales for each of my organizations on a yearly basis (ie the total amount of deals to be won for an organization for this year)
  • be able to compare this goal to the actual amount of deals won by organization
  • have a consolidated view with name of the organization / sales goal / actual sales / % of completion

That seems quite basic but I can't find a way to do this. Is there anything that I am missing in Pipedrive ?

Thanks !



  • Cejih Yung
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    @Jo CH are you looking to have all of this in one dashboard? If so I think it can be done or something close. Can you email me and I’ll see if I can build one on my side then send a screenshot: [email protected]