Bulk delete contacts from my customer database

Anthony ONeill
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I've used Zerobounce to clean my customer database, I've never done this in 12 years so I've got a lot of contacts that need removing, well over a thousand. Is there a way to match the contacts I want removed in bulk? I'm thinking uploading a list of contacts for Pipedrive to delete rather than import.




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    Hi @Anthony ONeill,

    You can delete contacts in bulk by selecting the contact you want to delete and clicking the trash icon like this-


    If you have a spreadsheet that contains the contacts that you wish to delete already, what I would recommend is doing an import of these contacts. Before you import them you can add a new column in your spreadsheet (For a unique field) that will help you use a filter in Pipedrive to isolate these items.

    Once the contacts are imported into Pipedrive, they should merge with your existing contacts (Looking at the conditions here) and then you can use a filter to isolate only these contacts with data in the field (That you added to your spreadsheet before importing).

    If you don't have a field you can use in your account already, what you can do is create a custom field in your account named "delete" and then add the word "delete" as your data in your spreadsheet. Then you can create a filter that reads- "Contact [custom field] is delete" and then you can bulk delete these contacts!

    I hope this helps!