Why is the Projects / Tasks features missing basic "to do" functionality?

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I'm a new user of Pipedrive. I realize it's not a task manager, however it offers Project/Task features.

My trial expired before I could dive into Projects and CS won't re-enable it for my account. Therefore, I have questions.

After looking at the FAQ and YouTube videos, it seems that:

  • Tasks do not have priorities
  • Tasks do not have status (ie: Started, Not Started, In Progress, Hold, etc.)
  • Tasks cannot be organized with tags or labels

These three features are the foundation of about every task manager I've used. Why are they not part of Pipedrive?

There are Groups that tasks can be added to but I haven't found enough information to know if that might be used as a method for assigning Priority or Status.

I appreciate whatever feedback you have about this. Thank you.


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    Does anyone from Pipedrive monitor this message board?

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    Projects is done, it was a long promised feature that got dropped. Do not use. I can't believe they are still promoting it on their website.

    I love pipedrive, I promote without any sort of affiliate link whenever someone asks... but projects was the worst thing I've seen them do.

    I've never seen a software company march the ball down the field and drop 5 yards from the end zone. :)

    I've been a subscriber since 2015. Staff can look at my account and see during that time I've had less than 10 support requests. Projects is a scam for new users to think it's an option.