Can RFC5321.mailFrom / Return path get DMARC SPF Alignement ?


Hello all (sorry if technical, I'm an eMail deliverability consultant trying to help my customer using PipeDrive)

* I know the way PipeDrive send eMail that the RFC5321.mail from / SPF is handled by the platform and we don't have to deal with it...

* I know if DKIM PASS Alignment that DMARC pass (DKIM d=domain match DMARC RFC5322.From DOMAIN / the one people see)


If DKIM was to fail (whatever the reason, DNS glitch or other reason there are so many possibilities for SPF to fail) then , reaching a SPF Alignment(RFC5321.mailFrom/Return Path) with RFC5322.From (From domain people see) would be a fail safe

Most CRM or MasseMail tools do offer SPF & DKIM Alignment.

Is it true, PipeDrive can only offer DKIM " DMARC Alignement" ?

The platform looks cool but I need everything to align as with most modern platform ( Klaviyo, Shopify, SendGrid,zoho, I could list 20 here...etc etc etc etc... )

I am not bashing the platform, just being paid to validate some information about SPF alignment.


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    Hi @yoda2024 , if you mean the standard 2-way email sync, these emails are not sent from Pipedrive’s servers but from the user’s provider/server over Gmail API, MS Graph API, IMAP or Exchange connection (where Pipedrive is limited to a sort of “email client” role). So whatever SPF/DKIM users have managed (or failed) to set up on their provider/hosting side will apply.

    But in the specific case of the Campaigns feature, these emails go out from Pipedrive’s servers and the user has to add Pipedrive’s servers to their SPF/DKIM. This article has more details on this scenario.