How to add "if not" condition in automations

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Hello everyone,

I designed some automations to create new activities when a deal is moved to a next stage. However sometimes it happens that a deal is moved backward and this creates some issues since the same automatic activities are duplicated. I'd like to set a conditions like:

  • "Create activity x when a deal is moved to the next stage, unless an activity with the same name already exists"
  • "Create activity x when a deal is moved to the next stage, only if it is the first time the deal is in this stage"

Does anyone knows how to make this possible?

Thank you in advance!


  • Josh Buesking
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    I set previous stage as a condition was so automations don't work backwards only forwards. Not sure if that helps.

    I know searching for a activity with specific name can be resource heavy. Can be done via third-party automation using API I'm sure.

  • By adding another custom field to track if that activity is created or not.