Required data field not visible in webforms

Tjalle Kuijt
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For a webform a required field is the "Duns / KVK / Company Code". In 'data fields' i created this field. Unfortunately i don't see the data field in forms. 


  • Boris Tsibelman
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    Check the settings and try refreshing the browser


  • Inês Batata
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    Hi @Tjalle Kuijt !

    Not all types of custom fields can be used with webforms. These are the types that can: text, single-option, or multiple-option type from your People, Organizations, and Deals can be documented in web forms.

    If your custom field belongs to one of these types, please double-check  you've mapped it correctly in your webform (is it a field from a Deal, a Person, an Organization).

    I can also tell you that we're revamping webforms to expand their abilities, so expect good news in the future.

    Hope that helps!