Tiered Licensing

SunriseDavid Member Posts: 1

We are getting on well with PD but what are everyone's thoughts on tiered licensing? One of the issues stopping us from moving up the plans is that all licenses need to be on the same tier. We would expect to pay for all the sales and marketing team on the full product but like a lot of people we have a big pool of people form the business that want to log in and check and view information.

It would be great if there was at least 2 levels of access even if one was a full user and then one which is just say read only where they can't use the features just view the data. What does everyone think?

I actually worked out it would generate PD more revenue in our case as we would move 2 plans higher than we currently are but we can't justify paying the full price for users just to log in and view and read data.


  • This has been asked for since forever.

    Don't think it is coming anytime soon.

    One could develop portals using tools like Retool or Glide though to provide limited access to features in Pipedrive.