Composing E-Mail Template, how can i insert Deal Creation Date ?

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i have created some E-Mail Templates which i would like to use in automations and would like to insert a Field of when the deal was initially created.

But i do not see any default field besides Title, Owner, Value etc...

Any ideas?


  • Andreia Costa
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    Hi @whynot 👋

    You are correct, the field doesn't appear as, at the moment, that field is not available to use in an email template. Of the default fields for deals, we currently have: Title, Owner, Organisation, Value, Contact person, Pipeline, and Stage, no other default fields are available. I can see that this would make sense to have and I can understand how this would be useful - please make sure to pass that suggestion in the "Ideas and Product Feedback" section so other users can upvote the idea.

    Now, even though the field is not available, I'll leave here a workaround that can help you or any other user who comes across this post. This would involve creating a custom field + workflow automation.

    Step 1: Create a custom field for "deal created" - make sure that you can differentiate between the default one. I'd make it a date type.

    Step 2: Create an automation that will update the custom field when a deal is updated like this:

    That resolves the issue for new deals and it will be done automatically. Then, you can use the custom field in the email template. But what about the deals that already exist? For that, I'd suggest you export the deals with the deal ID + default "deal created" field + new custom field. Then, in your spreadsheet, you just copy the information from one field to the other. Once you import it and map it, with the deal ID, the system will just update all the deals and not create new ones.

    I hope this helps!