Tasks & Activities lists - separate from the deal cycle

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I believe that have option to add lists for 'general' tasks that are not related to a deal or contact, etc would be a great thing to have.

Currently, there is an option to create an activity that isn't 'tied' to anything but it's hard to keep track of these once you have several of those. Have the possibility to add those tasks to a list would help productivity and ensure the tasks are organized and met.


  • You can create activities that are not associated with deal, person, lead, org.

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    @PipeDriver, you can also set up a filter for activities unrelated to deals or contacts and create a custom activity type to help organize.

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    Thanks @Amit Sarda (AmitSarda.xyz) , I mentioned that in my post as well.

    @Manuel Oliveira I'll check this out and see how it works.

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    I've found a workaround that I wanted to share, which addresses the management of tasks and activities in Pipedrive that aren't directly linked to clients or deals. @Manuel Oliveira suggested a good solution but it check all of our boxes. The challenge was to find a system that allows for effective tracking and organization of such tasks, especially when they're recurring and department-specific.

    I decided to use the projects add-in provided by Pipedrive, primarily because of its flexibility, even though it's not explicitly designed for task management. Here's how we set it up:

    • Single-Phase Pipeline: We created a pipeline within the projects add-in, ensuring it contains only a single phase. This simplification helps us streamline task management without overcomplicating the workflow:
    • Department-Specific Projects: Each department is represented as a separate project. This organization allows us to categorize tasks more efficiently and ensures that activities are easily identifiable by department.
    • Grouped Activities: Within each project, we've created groups based on specific needs. This further organizes our tasks, making it easier to manage and review them:
    • Webhook for Recurring Activities: To address the need for recurring tasks, we implemented a webhook. This enables us to automate the creation of recurring activities, effectively turning Pipedrive into an all-in-one CRM solution that negates the need for external task management platforms.
    • Calendar Integration: A key requirement for us was to have everything visible on our calendar. This setup not only meets that requirement but also streamlines our workflow by keeping all relevant information in one place.

    This approach has allowed us to efficiently manage internal tasks and activities without relying on separate systems. By utilizing the projects add-in creatively, we've been able to maintain visibility and tracking of department-specific tasks, all within Pipedrive's ecosystem.