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Jan Visser_342
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One thing that has little focus in the Pipedrive ecosystem is customization of sidebars by the user.

Users can change the order of existing "system or app generated" sidebar panels and turn their visibility on or off. But organization admins are unable to create custom app panels from the settings UI in order to more logically group fields.  With more flexibility on the (custom) field side of the house, the ability to actually organize this data for end-users is significant. 

Sure, this is possible using API and scripting - but not every PD admin is a developer nor should he/she be forced to hire a developer to add a basic level of customization. 

Some examples:

Let's say you have a high number of account fields - you may want to separate in BASIC vs ADVANCED and group fields accordingly. Or let's say you record fields on a specific topic - like 2019 Revenue and 2019 units sold (now - there's another case for locking of custom fields as well) - maybe you want an app panel that is called 2019 Performance. I am sure people have many different examples giving their business flow and sales process. 

Admins create and organize by dragging fields into it, users show or hide in the UI the way you do it today. 



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  • Inês Batata
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    Hi @Jan Visser , thank you so much for your feedback and for giving a concrete example of where this need might present itself and how you'd ideally like to see it addressed.

    I've made sure your suggestions were forwarded internally for consideration.

  • Nancy Vamvakas
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    I just hacked out a similar suggestion ... then saw your post Jan. 

    We have a lot of custom fields and would like some way to logically group them.  ... Would be much easier to find the fields you are after if they are logically grouped.  (and yes.  I know they can be re-ordered .. not the same thing) 

    Nice one Jan!  ... Great suggestion!

  • Nancy Vamvakas
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    Just read Inês ' response.    

    We have a lot of custom fields which could be logically grouped into 5 sets.    Jan suggests giving us the ability to create our own custom sidebars which would be a great way to create visual grouping/separation of groups of custom fields.   

    If that is too hard (because I know you currently have all custom fields set in one sidebar block) ... then how about the ability to add a 'separator'  .... eg a thin line.  This could be easily added by your developers by creating an additional menu entry visible when adding a custom field.  


    Simply add 'Separator' as an entry and instead of creating a custom field, it adds a 'row' to the custom field table which displays a line.  .. This could then be reordered and placed between existing custom fields, so while in the same 'custom field' block, could at least have a little visual separation.  .. thus allowing fields to not only be reordered but visually grouped according to user preference. 

  • Is the ability to create a Sidebar on any internal roadmap?

    We really, really want this feature.