The best way to communicate with a client via email


Ok, here is the flow:

  1. As an agency, we have the main inbox mail@.
  2. We invited a manager to our Pipedrive main account. But for example, he has no rights to connect to the main agency inbox, so he adds his own work email: manager@.
  3. Our client sent us an inquiry on our main agency inbox mail@.
  4. As an admin, I check the inbox and create new leads/deals.
  5. Our new manager checks the whole info about the lead and clicks the Email tab.
  6. When he replies, there is only an option to send this email from his work email.
  7. He sends a new email with the new topic from the new email for the client.

The question! How our manager should communicate with this client according to Pipedrive:

  1. to help the client recognize who is writing to him because he actually sent an inquiry to a different address — main agency inbox mail@.
  2. to have a thread in the main agency inbox mail@, so the head of sales will be able to read the whole communication as an admin.

In Hubspot it works this way. That's why I'm asking if we're ready to switch:

  • You're adding the main inbox mail@ to your admin profile.
  • Add managers to your organization.
  • Share the whole inbox with your team.
  • Every manager under personal emails is able to reply from main account mail@. So it looks like a thread.


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    Already got a reply from support:

    I understand that you have a Main email account which is mail@ and the Sales Manager is syncing a separate email which is manager@.

    In this case, when it comes to email visibility/privacy, only the user who receives that email will be able to reply to it in Pipedrive. In this case if the client sends an email to mail@, only this user who is syncing this email will be able to reply to it.

    In order for the Sales Manager to be able to reply to it as well, he would need to be added in CC or BCC on this thread. So for e.g:

    The client sends an email to mail@;

    You then add the Manager in CC/BCC in this email thread and forward the email to him on the address manager@;

    And then this email will show up in the Manager's Pipedrive account and he will be able to reply to it. The client will also see that the reply is coming from his email manager@

    But maybe you, as a community, know more options.

    Thanks in advance.