How can I handle dealflow with a subscription based service

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I have a saas business. We chase leads and convert them to a sales pipeline as a deal. After we win the deal, we convert them to Won. Let's suppose this contract runs for 12 months. We then reach out to the client in an effort to renew their contract. We treat this prospecting activity as a new deal. So at this point we have:

Deal 1 - Won

Deal 2 - Negotiate Renewal

Now, we win the renewal so we have:

Deal 1 - Won

Deal 2 - Won

This means that our won deals continue to pile up. Is there a best practice for how your platform is designed to handle this? I've considered setting deal 1 to "lost", but this seems like a bad idea because then it ends up in the same bucket with deals that we truly lost.

I'd really like to hear from anyone out there who has faced this issue and can offer a systematic way for us to maintain a definitive list of won deals.


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    Hi @billbutler1969,

    Do you use the merge deal feature at all? I would recommend merging both of the deals once they are both marked as won so all of the data is compiled in one place but you still only have one deal!

    Additionally, you could create a custom field to track how many times a deal has been merged. For example, you could name the field "times merged" and when you merge a deal, update that field to "2" (or whatever would work for you) when a deal is merged with another.

    You can create multiple custom fields to track different things across multiple deals as well!

    I hope this helps!