How to trig an action if a "single selection" is empty.?

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I created a single selection custom field in deal. I want to create an automation if this single seletion field is not selected.

In the current situation I created an action as *if this field is empty* but this condition is not working. Any help ?


  • Reeve Lui
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    Hello there,

    I'd like to share the fundamental steps for setting up automation in Pipedrive.

    Begin with the first step, which involves selecting a trigger. You can choose to initiate the workflow either when a deal is initially created or when you make edits to an existing deal.

    Next, establish a condition by utilizing your custom field, ensuring that the "Single selection" is empty. Finally, add actions such as sending an email, creating a task, or updating specific fields.

    If you opt for the trigger when a deal is updated, make sure to update a field in the related deal record to activate the "Workflow" condition. When the "Single Selection" is empty and aligns with the workflow criteria, the action will run automatically as the workflow meets the specified requirements.

    For additional assistance or to schedule a meeting call, feel free to reach out to me. I am here to help!