How to use HTML editor for Pipedrive deal email templates

Dear community,

I wonder how I can use HTML in my Pipedrive emails from the deals view / using email templates. I found two related articles, but I did not find a feature to actually use HTML within the email body. Is this possible when editing a template from the deal view?

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  • Reeve Lui
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    Hey there, I checked the "email function" on deal view and I think that is not possible.

    The article you shared is only applicable for "Campaigns" which is an add-on for Pipedrive.

    I think Pipedrive kept it this way because Campaigns can use HTML emails because it's more for marketing purpose.

    Whereas in a Deal / Contact view, the email function is for sales to follow-up, even though you can have template, I guess they see no real purpose in using HTML email if I am the sales person and you are the lead.