Email sequence after initial lead creation

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I can't figure out how to do this, but I'm sure there must be a way?!..

I have an email template that I'd like to slightly customise per lead when in a manual way (cannot be automated). I'd like to add the lead, send a slightly customised template, and then keep following up until the person responds, at which point the sequence should stop.

Like this:

  1. Add lead
  2. Send slightly customised email template (manually, by me)
  3. Lead receives automated follow up emails every 3 days until they reponsd
  4. If they respond, then the automation stops

I can make this work by sending the exact same template every time, but my issue is I cannot get an automated flow to stop based on the presence of a reply or not where I manually send the first email.

Any tips?




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    Hey hey @joethepigeon 👋

    The issue here is with the "manual" part - if the email is sent manually, there's no option to use the Workflow Automation feature as, at the moment, there's no email trigger option. In the scenario you presented, you'd need to use an email trigger so that when an email is sent, X action is taken.

    I think the key part of making this work is to understand what needs to be different in each email. Could it be that a template with the merge field feature would be enough? I mean this here.

    Would it be possible for you to have different information for each lead in a field and then use that in an email template? If so, then this can work! If not, then I'd say feedback is important! You can share the idea of having an email trigger option in the "Ideas and Product Feedback" section - and I mean this for both general emails and Campaigns. Alternatively, maybe a third-party integration can do this, like Zapier for example.

    I hope this helps!