Be able to access colleague's calendars inside Pipedrive.

In sales processes, you often have to involve your colleagues. It's a great feature in Pipedrive to be able to add them to the Activities ore give them Activities like sales meetings to perform

BUT you can only access your own to-Pipedrive-synced calendar. So you don't have a clue if your colleagues are available when you invite them.

SO the suggestion is to ad a way to see you colleagues calendars inside Pipedrive. They have already synced them into it - so it should be possible.

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    Hi @Jörgen Sjöstrand , thank you for your feedback!

    Users can see each other's calendars in the Activities tab. For Admin users this is always true; for Regular users they need to have been given permission to "see other users" by an Admin user (keep in mind that this will also affect other parts of Pipedrive).

    All they have to do is choose the Calendar view and pick their colleague's name out of the drop-down menu, like in the example below.

    I'd like to know a little more about your suggestion: were you thinking of another particular way to see your colleague's availability when adding them to an activity invite? Thanks in advance.