How to create a report counting those emails not sent from Pipedrive?

Brian Mellea
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Our users use Google Mail and don't want to generate emails from inside PipeDrive as they interact with more than prospects.

They use the bcc to capture emails which they send from Gmail. These emails appear in pipedrive with an email icon. When we run an activity report, they are not counted as emails. It appears only emails in and out pipedrive 'count'.


  • Tony Xavier
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    Hello @Brian Mellea,

    Our Activity Performance report for Emails includes emails received with Smart Bcc. What your team is experiencing is different from an expected behaviour, and it could be due to the report condition, email visibility, etc.

    Kindly double-check if the emails that are expected in the report are visible to the person who is setting up the report, and also try to adjust the report conditions to see if they make any changes.