Field/ Group - Conditional Logic/ dependency, ALL PARTICIPANTS (query. email & text)

This is really needed in our business. We have an International soccer org. and there are details we do not need for a Lead vs Deal

We also have custom fields which need conditional logic/ dependency. EX: We have a custom field named: ROLE. When PLAYER is selected vs PARENT it would be nice to have conditional logic/ dependency only show details needed for each. Certain fields should show or remain hidden.

Currently, it is very confusing as there is no conditional logic/ dependency built in and same options appear for LEAD & DEAL, even when setting the limited options to: show/hide/grouping fields. Same repetitive items show for a lack of dependency and AUTOFILL.

Same goes with AUTOFILL. With same - conditional logic/ dependencies, we should be able to AUTOFILL certain fields.

We are also still waiting on ability for PARTICIPANTS to be queried, emailed and texted.

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