How can we create an activity that is dependent on X days since last activity?

Is there a way to create an activity like a follow up that occurs X days after the last activity? (ex: a customer doesn't send in their deposit, we want to send a follow up email if the deposit hasn't been received within 5 days). So ideally, if the "deposit received" activity hasn't been checked off within 5 days of when the deposit was invoiced, the salesperson would receive a task to call the customer and ask them why they haven't sent in their deposit. 

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  • Boris Tsibelman
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    @Paula E. Junkins -- you can attempt to set this up via zapier or a marketing automation tool 

  • Inês Batata
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    Hi @Paula E. Junkins !

    I have good news: we've been working on a time-delay feature for Workflow Automations, so stay tuned for more on that in the future. Join our Research and Beta Testing channel to be the first to know what's coming and the chance to test early versions of new features we want to roll out.

    In the meantime, our recently acquired Mailigen has email drip capabilities and will let you create email automations with time-delay, so I would suggest you create your free trial account here and check it out. We're working to make Mailigen and Pipedrive work seamlessly together, so expect exciting news about this in the coming months. 


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    Hi Paula,

    I think a better way to structure this would include adjusting your sales pipeline to accommodate accounts that have committed to a sale but not paid. For example, our firm sells services that require a monthly subscription and setup fee. Even if a customer commits to a sale, they are not moved out of the pipeline until the invoice for the set up fee is paid. With this approach, it would be easy for the salesperson to see all the accounts that are in the "sold/ awaiting deposit " stage.  

    For example, when a deal is moved into this stage, you could set an activity to be created in 5 days that would prompt an email if the deal is not "Won". When setting up this automation you could specify any active deal in a specific stage. This way, if a deal is won (paid) within the 5 day timeline, the activity for the email follow up will not be created. 

    With automatons, the salesperson has to have a manual touch point on the activity to progress the automation. If you are looking for a fully automated email series to be sent out to your accounts, you may need to integrate another service as the others have mentioned. 

    Hope that makes sense and is helpful!