How does Pipedrive determine duplicates during Import?

When importing person data, how does Pipedrive identify duplicates?

I tried an import including Pipedrive Person ID, but it doesn't recognize ID as a field that can be imported (doesn't automatically map field and it doesn't list as an available field in the right-hand side...see screenshot). The use case was (1) extract person data, (2) make changes outside Pipedrive to person data, (3) import data, in hopes that updated person data would be merged successfully into the correct people instead of creating a number of duplicate person records. Using a Pipedrive Person ID would be unambiguous as to what records we wanted updated during the merge.

Pipedrive does ask if I want to Merge or create Separate Records. How does Pipedrive determine a duplicate?


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    Hi @Jacob Leffler

    In this case, the ID field is the best solution. There should be an ID field option on the right side during import, if it didn't auto-map. You can search with ID and the full field name for a Person should be "Pipedrive System ID - Person":

    Without the ID field, default duplicate rules for a Contact Person are that they have to have the same name and the same phone number or email address or organization. You can check it out here.