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I think it would be great to create goals based on custom fields we have created. A critical and fundamental example to my business is commission. I set my monthly and yearly targets based on commission, and I can't replace it with deal value as I also need the deal value to be present and is essential.

I work in real estate so commission goals is vital, also even having a goal to sell for example a number of 2 bedrooms flats, or any custom field really is essential in my opinion.

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  • Xavier Framis
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    Very much agree with @Samt.

    In my case, the custom field is for the deal fee, since the value field is used to enter the volume of the operation.

    I think if you are paying for such a major plan, "Professional", to have unlimited custom fields + reports with custom fields, goal reports not being able to use custom fields is not very fair or should be explained more clearly in the pricing plans.