GMail Add-On Needs Email Logging for Essential Users

I want the GMail Add-On to display a "Log Email" Button on all inbound and outbound emails.

How this would work, is within the Add-On settings, you enter in your unique Pipedrive BCC Email Logging Address. Then, when I click "Log Email", the Add-On will automatically use that address and forward the email to Pipedrive AND immediately delete the forwarded message from Gmail to remove the clutter (since no one needs forwarded messages to engulf all email threads).

I know this is possible to do because I sent a developer team working on Less Annoying CRM's GMail Add-On this exact request and they thought it was such a good idea they moved it to the top of their product development tasks and added it within a couple days! Here is a screen shot to show you what it looks like and how quick it took them to implement it:

Like LACRM, Google will probably run a security audit on your Add-On code because you added a permission to send emails from Gmail, and the Add-On should pass with ease.

Can you see how much of a time saver this is? The Add-On takes care of all BCC forwarding with the click of a button, and deletes unwanted forward email spam from GMail automatically to not get in the way of your workflow.

Can Pipedrive implement this too? I'm sure for a lot of users that are on Essential and can't afford Advanced Plans or higher, this would be an extremely welcome development.

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