More input restriction possibilities in custom fields

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It would be very nice if a custom field had the option to determine what the input should be. For example, you can indicate that a maximum of X characters may be entered, or that only a number may be entered, or only text, or only tekst in caption.

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  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi @Marc12345 number-only fields are already possible with numerical custom fields. The other type of restrictions are not planned but I will convert your post into a feature request for our product team.

  • Marc12345
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    Thanks a Lot Manuel. I did try the number-only field, it would be nice if it's possible to add some kind of formatting to custom fields. For example: we use account numbers from another system as a custom numbers only field. However thes numbers have a standard formatting (xxx-xxxxx). So it would be nice if its possible to enter the 8 digits, and Pipedrive converts it to this standard formatting. It keeps data more consistent.