API Endpoints for SmartDocs

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I'm working with a client that also has a M365 environment.

I've created an automation that creates a unique M365 Teams for each customer when a Deal is won. I did that using Make.com

next step is that ALL documents related to that customer are stored in that specific Client Environment

and when a customer signs a document that is sent through the PipeDrive Project, the signed PDF is also stored in the correct unique Teams environment

the issue is that right now it's very hard to get the details from a project and the linked documents through Make.com

I'm trying Postman now to see if I can get that information

we have several other workflows that we need to connect to the documents

in an automated way

and using Teams in M365

this will increase our adoption of PipeDrive drastically

right now if you're getting the details from a project through the API it does not include a list of linked documents

and there's actually also no endpoint for (SmartDocs) documents

The Idea is that we have endpoints for SmartDocs and that it's easy to do more automated actions on these documents. And preferably also getting the information of the M365 storage location (direct link?) for each SmartDoc.


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    I want to second that. I have my Smart Docs documents saved in Sharepoints, and I could do some automations from there - but only if Pipedrive was able to tell me the name of the documents associated with a deal.

    Even adding something as simple as including a "document_names" array to the "Get details of a deal" would make this better since we have absolutely no way of dealing with the documents via API now.

  • Exactly, the links are stored in PipeDrive somewhere, so it should be "easy" to get them through the API. A temporary workaround for now could be naming the documents so it adds a unique ID, but that's like going back to the stone ages…

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    This whole SmartDocs situation is a head-scratcher. It feels like there's a missing puzzle piece when it comes to automation. Ideally, we should be able to streamline those document workflows, you know, hit it out of the park with client satisfaction!Maybe a monday.com partner integration could be the answer? They seem to be all about centralizing workflows, and having everything sing from the same hymn sheet. Just a thought!But really, the lack of built-in SmartDocs API endpoints feels like a missed opportunity. Pipedrive is a powerhouse CRM, and powerful tools deserve powerful connections.

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    My work around is to name the documents including the deal id and trigger a search based on stage change.

    I'm sure this won't help specifically here but…

    So first stage is quote. I generate a document that is titled INTERNAL - [DEALID]

    Then I move the deal to next stage which is called Proposal. When I move to that stage Make will search the smart docs folder for a document with the deal id in the title then does what I need from there.

  • FilippoPB
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    Thanks Josh, that might be a good workaround for me as well.

    Pipedrive, another possibility would be to give us more options on the storage strucutre. If the structure could be divided by Customer > Deal > Documents or just Costumer > Documents, that would help a lot.

  • Yeah, I thought about that workaround Josh, however, these files will also be visible to the end customer, and I would prefer not to share any internal ID's with them. But for now it's the "best" solution…

    Please @Manuel Oliveira push this through to the product team 🙏