How well equipped is Pipedrive for large and frequent email campaigns?

Iceberg Net Lease
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How well equipped is Pipedrive for large and frquent email campaigns? What is the cost for multi million email marketing campaigns on a monthly basis?


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    Hi there, @Iceberg Net Lease

    As Pipedrive was built for sales focused, the campaigns came in as an add-on after.
    So I did a quick check for you and it also reflected that at 100k, it is estimated to be $625.50, so you multiply that by 10 would be at least $6,255.00 for 1 Million subscribers.

    Maybe you can get a better pricing for such high volume though.

    Then again, Pipedrive emails also links to the email account that you will be sending out from. So if you are using Gsuite / Microsoft, I am sure you have a limitation on that and need an external mailing server too.

    It would also be good to know what is your definition of Frequent email campaigns? Is it twice per week? Which equates to 8 campaigns per month

    It can also be once per week which is 4 email campaigns per month.