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Hello, I created a few custom fields for deals. I later decided i no longer need some of them. I have deleted them, and they no longer appear on the custom fields settings. However, the fields and their data are still appearing on my insights reports.

Before deleting them, they were appearing as duplicates in my reports, which is one of the reasons I deleted them and tried to start over.

Can someone please help me delete these custom fields 100% along with all their data so that they are no longer appearing in my reports or anywhere?

Thank you.

PS. the solutions provider response times (no response), and inability to chat to someone is extremely frustrating and causing us to reconsider Pipedrive altogether. I am testing the power plan (up from pro). and having NO support is very upsetting.


  • Reeve Lui
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    Hi there, I happen to be a Pipedrive partner and I provide support to all my customers for such issues.

    Can you share with me some screenshots of your insights, so I can better understand how you built the report.
    This way I can also determine why it is still showing in your reports.

    For even better understanding, you can invite me into your Pipedrive instance and I can possiby clean up your custom fields properly.

    You can connect with me to

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    Hi @Reeve Lui

    Reeve, Thank you so much for your reply.

    Previously I had 2 custom fields here called utm_source and utm_medium. These are the fields which were showing as duplicated in my reports, and that after deleting them are still showing on my reports.

    Here is a screenshot of the custom field settings showing the fields are no longer there.

    Here is a screenshot of one of my report settings where you can see that utm_source, and utm_medium are still showing, and able to pull data. They are no longer duplicated, but they should not exist at all, as my intention was to fully delete the field along with all its data.

    Regarding the account access I have sent you an email with the info.

    Thank you very much.