Incorporate Deal 'Followers' into Automations

Katrina Miles
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We would love to create an automation whereby if a deal is created and owned by someone different to the Organisation Owner that the organisation owner is automatically added as a follower. I am almost able too but the feature I'm missing is the action to add follower within the update deal stage.

Right now I am at a stage where I can filter deals to show me any that are owned by someone different to one organisation owner. Then use this filter in the automation.

There just isn't an option on automation action to update deals to allow add follower.

The reasoning behind this is that we treat organisation owners as the account manager but visibility is limited on deals to just their own - but deals can be handled by multiple people internally and the follower feature gives the account manager visibility. Would just be good to automate rather than have this be a manual step in our deal creation process.

Hopefully this is something that could be useful to others too.

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