Option to hide description from synced calendar with pipedrive

Htm pipedrive
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The issue:
Sometimes we have sensitive data in our descriptions in calendars. After we sync it with pipedrive, everyone can see it.

The solution:
The idea is to have an option to hide it.
We could have then only our Title of the activity copied into Pipedrive so that also other users could access it.


  • Sophie
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    Hi @Htm pipedrive,

    Thanks so much for the feedback, this is a limitation but I would be happy to pass this along internally! Additionally, feel free to post this in the Ideas and Product feedback section of the community so other users can upvote your suggestion.

    In the meantime, I wanted to share this article that may help! If you have emails set as private in your provider, you can sync those to Pipedrive and they will remain private. Additionally, if regular users in your account do not have visibility of the item linked to the activity, they will not be able to see that activity.

    I hope this helps!