Feature Request | Pinned Notes Shouldn't Be Collapsed

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Hello there,

I believe there is an opportunity to improve 'pinned' notes within the Focus area of a deal. Clearly users Pin notes because they are important. Meaning it should be readily visible in full when someone opens a deal. However, notes are automatically collapsed. Users can only see the first line until they 'expand' the notes.

This feature makes sense for regular notes, however pinned notes should be open and automatically expanded upon 'pinning.' Clearly you added 'pin' for important/critical notes so they should be shown in full.

This is a small feature request but will make a big difference in ease of use. For us, pinned notes are critical, they give us insights into the account that we need and our team doesn't always read because they are collapsed by default.

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  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi @mwormald , I have moved your feature request to the Feedback section so it's visible to our product team.