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Linda McCormack
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!Hello everyone! I was wondering if any of you have come across an app that can help manage and share multiple calendars per user effectively? Many of us in our organization are consultants and have to juggle multiple calendars, which makes scheduling meetings with clients and internally quite challenging. I have already explored various options within the Microsoft ecosystem, as well as Calendly, but none of them seem to meet our requirements. Any suggestions or recommendations would be highly appreciated. Thank you!


  • Sophie
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    Hi @Linda McCormack,

    Pipedrive has the option to sync multiple email accounts (You can check out more details here!) but I understand you are looking for an integration. I looked into this and found some suggestions that may help-

    • Doodle: Allows for group scheduling and can integrate with various calendar apps. It lets you schedule meetings by offering available times and taking responses from others.
    • Acuity Scheduling: Great for managing appointments and schedules. It integrates with Google Calendar and iCloud and may be a good fit if you are looking for more advanced scheduling features.
    • Fantastical: A popular calendar app known for its ease of use and powerful scheduling capabilities, including integrating multiple calendars.

    However, these apps unfortunately don't have direct integrations with Pipedrive, if you are looking to connect them, I suggest looking into a tool like Zapier!

    I hope this helps!